Product under development: AptaSystem®

AptaSystem® is a patented platform technology intended to provide easy, accurate, and quick diagnosis of infectious diseases from any body fluids. A technology that can be used by non-specialists in any environment. With AptaSystem®, the user will get diagnostic results with laboratory quality in point-of-care/point-of-need settings for decision-making.

AptaSystem® is based on an electrical measurement in a lab-on-a-chip system (AptaChip®), which is inserted into the reader device (AptaViewer®). Both the AptaChip® and the AptaViewer® are developed by Solsten Diagnostics International ApS, and the AptaChip® is produced in our in-house, semi-automated pilot production line.

The AptaChip®

  • No need for complicated sample preparation
  • Stable at a wide temperature range (theoretically between -10C and 60C)
  • Detection based on electrical signals
  • Targeted performance:
    • Sensitivity > 95%
    • Specificity > 95%

The AptaViewer®

  • High precision reader device for AptaChip
  • Easy to use for non-specialists also on the field
  • Rapid (result within 10 minutes after sampling)
  • Quantitative measurement of the pathogen load
  • Digitalized electrical readout
  • Data transmission via WiFi