Solsten Diagnostics International ApS

Company for innovative diagnostics

Our vision is to provide a versatile platform technology, which can be used for rapid and easy detection of any type of biomarker in a variety of relevant samples. 

Our mission is to develop, optimize, and commercialize the AptaSystem® technology. 

Our background

Flusens ApS was spun-out from the Technical University of Denmark in 2014 with a focus on development of diagnostics for influenza virus infections.  

In order to emphasize the much wider testing applicability of the Company’s AptaSystem® technology, the company name was changed to Solsten (“sunstone”). According to medieval legends, a sunstone could be used as a simple, yet mobile and advanced navigational instrument, which could locate the sun in a completely overcast sky, and thereby facilitate fast and pivotal decisions.  

Solsten Diagnostics International ApS was privately acquired in April 2019, and its inventory includes a biosafety class 2 laboratory facilitating development and testing of pathogenic targets, and a semi-automated pilot production line for AptaChip®.