Solsten Diagnostics International ApS

Company for innovative medical diagnostics


Our vision is to provide healthcare professionals globally with a new technology, which can easily, accurately, and quickly diagnose infectious diseases from any body fluids. A technology that can be used by non-specialists in any environment.


Our mission is to develop, optimize, and commercialize our platform technology, which is easily adaptable to various pathogens.

Our history. Solsten Diagnostics International ApS was founded in July 2014 (with the name Flusens ApS) based on a technology which was invented at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU Nanotech).
The AptaSystem® technology is based on proprietary inventions and protected by a portfolio of pending patents. Solsten Diagnostics International ApS has an exclusive license to use the patents in different fields such as medical diagnostics, cleaning and hygiene control, water treatment, environmental monitoring, etc.

In 2015, venture capital investor invested in the company, and Solsten Diagnostics International ApS started to develop and build up an in-house pilot production line to produce the AptaChip®.

Solsten Diagnostics International ApS has established a robust, semi-automated pilot production line.

Solsten Diagnostics International ApS has biosafety class 2 laboratory facilities to develop and test the AptaChip® with different pathogens.

Solsten Diagnostics International ApS has eight full-time employees with complementary expertise, and we are currently in the process of hiring new colleagues.

Our name is inspired by the “solsten” – the sunstone – the Viking navigational instrument which brought the Vikings across the ocean, driven by an irresistible urge to explore the world.

Solsten Diagnostics International ApS is driven by a desire to translate advanced knowledge into readily available tools for anyone who works to fight disease.

The Vikings’ navigational skills brought them round the world. They exchanged knowledge and developed an international trade that still characterizes Denmark. Today, Danish companies are among the world’s leaders within the biotech, pharma, and medico fields.

At Solsten Diagnostics International ApS, we are proud to build on this tradition.

The Vikings’ “solsten” was a simple and at the same time advanced instrument, effective and mobile technology that made it possible to make decisive and pivotal decisions quickly.

Our vision is to produce diagnostic tests in the spirit of the Vikings’ “solsten” – a technology that fundamentally changes the possibilities of diagnostics where they are needed.

Quick, safe, and accurate.