Solsten Diagnostics International ApS offers strategic partners and prospective investors a wide range of opportunities

– First-mover opportunities in a fast-growing market Expand and/or preserve existing market share for point-of-care testing (POCT) in a fast-growing market. Solsten Diagnostics International ApS creates possibilities for first-mover advantages in the POCT market for infectious diseases with a highly reliable technology equivalent to PCR technology. The quick “one-step” user interface also opens up new market opportunities in both hospitals and primary care units.

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– New technology with a wide product span Although Solsten Diagnostics International ApS has its primary focus on clinical diagnostics, the AptaSystem® technology creates multiple business opportunities for  detection of virus, bacteria, and parasites as well as molecular biomarkers.

– Fulfill market needs for new applications within a short timeframe with a minimum of investment The AptaSystem® is based on a platform technology, which allows development of new applications ready for validation within a few months. Thus, it is possible to quickly meet acute market requirements and to bring new products to the market with a minimum of investment. 

– Cost efficiency and production scalability The Solsten AptaSystem® has been developed and is produced in-house at a pilot equipment production facility, which is easily scalable for high-volume production requiring a minimum of investment.

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