A wide range of opportunities

For partners and investors

Expand and/or preserve existing market share for point-of-care testing (POCT) in a fast-growing market by partnering with us or licensing the AptaSystem® technology.


The simple user interface and quick response time makes the AptaSystem® 

particularly suitable platform for general practitioners and primary care units requesting rapid and local clinical decision making. 

Are your interested?

New technology with a wide product span The AptaSystem® technology is not limited to diagnostic use in humans and animals, but is also applicable for analysis of drug metabolites, food and feed safety, and environmental factors. 


Plannable and risk-controlled product development The AptaSystem® is based on a platform technology, which allows development of new applications ready for validation within a few months. Thus, it is possible to quickly meet acute market requirements and to bring new products to the market.


Production scalability The AptaSystem® has been developed and is produced in-house by a production facility, which is easily scalable.