Solsten Diagnostics International ApS offers strategic partners and prospective investors a wide range of opportunities


– First-mover opportunities in a fast-growing market

Expand and/or preserve existing market share for point-of-care testing (POCT) in a fast-growing market.
Solsten Diagnostics International ApS creates possibilities for first-mover advantages in the POCT market for infectious diseases with a highly reliable technology equivalent to PCR technology. The quick “one-step” user interface also opens up new market opportunities in both hospitals and primary care units.

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– New patent technology with a wide product span

Although Solsten Diagnostics International ApS has its primary focus on clinical diagnostics, our patent technology creates multiple business opportunities in both the clinical market for infectious diseases as well as various markets besides the clinical market. Our technology opens up new possibilities for analyzing virus, bacteria, and parasites in the markets for waste water, drinking water, and hygiene control in different environments and in respect of bioterrorism etc.

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– Fulfill market needs for new applications within a short timeframe with a minimum of investment

The AptaSystem® is based on a platform technology, intended to make it possible in the future to develop new applications ready for validation within a few months. The AptaSystem® technology platform is designed to produce the AptaChip® which can later be customized to the final product. Thus, it is possible to meet acute market requirements as soon as they arise and to bring new products to the market with a minimum of investment.

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– Cost efficiency and production scalability

The Solsten AptaSystem® has been developed and is produced in-house at a pilot equipment production facility, which is easily scalable for high-volume production requiring a minimum of investment.

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