Platform Technology

The AptaSystem® platform technology

The AptaSystem® platform combines a groundbreaking all-polymer lab-on-a-chip (AptaChip®) technology, with a handy point-of-care reader device (AptaViewer®) technology. 

The AptaSystem®
Target recognition

The AptaSystem® is based on an electrical measurement in a lab-on-a-chip system (AptaChip®), which is inserted into the reader device (AptaViewer®).

The AptaSystem® is unique compared to competing solutions:

  • Rapid, ready-to-go infectious agent detection: The AptaSystem® is fast. The user can get diagnostic results for decision-making with laboratory quality in point-of-care/point-of-need settings within 10 minutes without complicated and long sample handling.
  • Aptamer-based target detection: The AptaSystem® uses aptamers as detection elements. Aptamers offer several key advantages over the generally used recognition elements, which are mainly antibodies. Aptamers are selected by in-vitro methods, and their production is cheaper, faster and subject to less variation than the production of antibodies. Aptamers can in theory be developed to detect any target in any sample matrix, making the potential for the AptaSystems® applications limitless. The AptaChip® can be stored in ambient conditions for long periods of time without deterioration.
  • Biosensor formulation: The AptaChip® is based on conductive polymer electrodes, allowing electrical detection of aptamer target-binding events. The AptaChip® uses a novel mechanism of binding aptamers to electrodes, which has been developed at Solsten Diagnostics International ApS. Due to the all-polymer nature of AptaChip® it is inexpensive and can be discarded after use.
  • Communication with databases: The AptaViewer® is equipped with an internal QR scanner which can read user ID, sample ID/patient ID, and the AptaChip® ID, to ensure traceability of the test. These data – along with the test results – can be sent to any database via secure Wi-Fi communication.
  • Versatility: The AptaSystem® is a platform technology and has the potential to be adapted for the detection of a large variety of targets.