Platform Technology

The AptaSystem® platform technology

The AptaSystem® provides a platform for rapid and easy electrochemical analyses of samples on the AptaChip® device and reading of results by the AptaViewer® instrument. 

Target recognition


The AptaSystem®

The AptaSystem® combines state-of-the-art technologies: 

  • Aptamer-based: The analytical specificity is secured by aptamer-based target reactivity at the AptaChip electrodes. 
  • Biosensor-based: The AptaChip® electrodes allow electrochemical detection of aptamer target-binding reactions.  
  • Scanner-based: The internal QR scanner of the AptaViewer® secures full traceability of user ID, sample ID, and analytical data. 
  • WiFi-based: The encrypted WiFi transmitter of the AptaViewer® allows test results to be sent securely to any authorized database. 

The AptaSystem® provides superior features: 

  • Fast: Test results are reported by the AptaViewer® within a few minutes after sample application. 
  • Simple: Direct sample application on the AptaChip® is followed by its automated reading in the AptaViewer®.  
  • Specific: High specificity for the biomarker of interest is assured by the AptaChip® aptamer.  
  • Disposable: The AptaChip® is low-impact single use device, which can be disposed together with the tested sample.  
  • Versatile: The AptaSystem® platform will analyze any AptaChip®-specified marker.